Communications Centre

Some links and info for a Radio Operator *

Radio Buttons Locations of the radio antennas on Google Maps
Send Tesltra SMS Seahawk Status Board Otter Roster LOPS
Unit Monitoring Arrangements Channel Settings DCN Channels
Radio Check Signal Reports Phonetic Alphabet ROM, MAC and other phones
Bridge opening times and Clearance heights for the Spit and other bridges. Phases of the Moon
Find Distances between Latitudes-Longitudes Distance calculations between a pair of coordinates
Latitude - Longitude Conversion Convert formats, such as deg decimal minutes to decimal degrees
Time Add Subtract Hrs. Min. Adding times to get time-of-day — calculator
MMSI Search Maritime Feature Name Search Find that cape, bay or feature. Gives lat., long. for pasting into
Google Maps or Find a spot with Google Maps using lat long
Waters forecasts: Warnings Coastal Closed Obs.: Wind Waves Tides
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